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PANERA BREAD - DAVENPORT WEST 414 West Kimberly Road Davenport IA 52806 Phone Orders 563 823-3700 Fax Orders 563 823-3704 Bakery-Cafe Menu Bagels Cream Cheese. BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE INFORM YOUR SERVER IF A PERSON IN YOUR PARTY HAS A FOOD ALLERGY SO THAT A MANAGER CAN AT YOUR REQUEST PROVIDE YOU A LIST OF INGREDIENTS IN YOUR ORDER. 5/2/13 C313 FAXZ390 PANERA BREAD FAX MENU ORDER FORM Please make your selection from our cafe menu and write them in the spaces provided below. Bagel...
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Hello and welcome to dining debunkedepisode 1 So you guys seemed to really enjoy my healthy choices at fast foodrestaurants vlog that I did a while ago and I've gotten a lot of requests to do morestuff similar to that so I thought we would sort of make it into a serieswhere I take you with me out to eat at chain restaurants and we can go throughthe menu together go through the nutrition together and if you do enjoythis type of video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and comment below so that Iknow that you want me to make more So without further ado first up is Panera Bread One ofthe problems with Panera is there are not a ton of choices that are actually healthychoices which is weird because it seems like a healthy choice like it has a nice designand comfortable ambience and feels like the sort of upscale cafe The good thingis that they do make their nutrition accessible so you can find this PDF withtheir nutrition online at their website and most chain restaurant do that now which is great The biggest problem with making thisaccessible is that most people don't know how to read it properly or theydon't know what they're looking for or they are only looking for the thingsthat they've heard about before so they know oh I'm supposed to have somethinglower in calories or I hear carbs are bad or fat is bad or these generalizations that aren'tnecessarily true So when they see all this is X amount of calories or fat or carbsthey don't really know what it means and having the nutrition therejust doesn't do anything for those people So it is up to you to educateyourself to learn how to read those labels properly so that you can makehealthy choices without picking the thing that's you know the lowest incalories or fat because that's not always the best as we are going to seetoday I personally try to think of food as fuel So when I decide to eatsomething I try to think is this option going to fuel my body Is it going togive me you know nutrients that are gonna make me feel good and feel full Now thatdoesn't mean that every single meal that I consume at all times as fuelsometimes I indulge sometimes I want to get the less healthy thing The purposeof this is not for me to tell you to not get the less healthy thing If youwant to do that's perfectly fine I'm just trying to help show you if you want togo to Panera and you're trying to stay on track to keep making healthy choiceswhat do you want to look for and what do you want to avoid So yeah I just want to put thatlittle disclaimer out there for this episode in any of these dining debunkedepisodes that we may do in the future I am not telling you to eat or not eat atthese places I'm not telling you that any of the menu items are good or bad orthat they must be avoided or that you must eat them I want you to pickwhatever works for your lifestyle I am simply reading the nutrition to you andgoing through it with you I'm just making...